Bridging the Cultural Gap

We provide comprehensive support services for over 100 partner schools across the united states.  Whether your school’s international program is just beginning, or you’re looking to expand an existing program, ivy international group has something to meet your needs.


Marketing and Recruitment

IIG assumes the promotion and advertising of our partner schools with accurate translation by our native Chinese writers (versus software).  In October and March of each year, we sponsor a 10-day recruitment trip to China for Heads of School, Directors of Admission, or any other school members.  Participants meet potential students and the parents of current students. These trips not only help in recruitment, but also help build stronger ties with the Chinese parents.

faculty and staff development

We offer presentations and workshops on multiculturalism in the classroom, strategies for teachers, and performance assessment recommendations.  IIG helps educate faculty and staff on Chinese perspective and the challenges that international students face as they transition from a linear education model to one that focuses on a much broader comprehension of the world they now occupy.

Academic and Social Support

Comprehensive support is provided to all of our students throughout the academic year. Our goal is to ensure that these young adults have the resources necessary to thrive academically, socially, and to be well prepared to face the challenges they may find in American colleges and Universities.  IIG has partnered with Carney, Sandoe & Associates to help identify the most qualified residential faculty and ELL instructors.

Residential Programs

Ivy International Group offers two alternative housing programs: host families or residential dormitories.  Currently we oversee seven dormitories with an average student to faculty ratio of 4:1.  Our residential faculty members are carefully selected and trained on providing proper supervision of our students at all times while implementing our residential life curriculum.   More than 75% of our students reside with carefully selected host families who report, bi-monthly, to our host family coordinators.  This gives our students the flexibility they need while offering them a truly immersive experience while in the United States.

Ivy immersion

IIG offers an intensive, two-week summer program for new students prior to the start of each school year.  Through a variety of activities, workshops, field trips, and daily journal entries, our students are better prepared to transition into the rigorous demands of their new high school.

Green Hope International

Green Hope International is a non-profit organization that promotes the involvement of Chinese and American students to engage in cultural exchanges and social services that was established by IIG’s founders. GHI aims to build strong ties between young Chinese and Americans in working together to make the world a better place.  Programs include summer trips to China for American students to collaborate with Chinese students by engaging in social service activities in underdeveloped areas.

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