Bridging the Cultural Gap

Our Mission

Toprovide a top-level experience for our international students at American high schools while supporting our partner schools by creating a worldly synergy and multicultural experience for all its members.

About Ivy International Group

Ivy International Group (IIG) is recognized as one of the top educational placement agencies for students from China.  Ivy International Group works with over 120 private high schools and supports hundreds of students primarily from China.  With offices and representatives in US cities such as Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore and Chicago as well as representatives from Chinese cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Ivy International Group is well equipped to offer Partner Schools and their students unparalleled support and expertise.

The IVY International Difference

Thelevel of support our students, their families and our Partner Schools receive year-round is unmatched by any of our competitors. Ivy International Group’s ongoing commitment is to keep the students at the center of all that we do as they navigate through American culture and the distinctive high school experience.

At IIG we understand the trust that comes with from Chinese parents who have sent their child thousands of miles away to receive a first-class education. Our goal is to provide continuous care to these ambitious young people as they grow and set a solid foundation for a lifetime of success.

International students value the broader and richer educational experience that our partner schools provide. IIG prides itself on identifying mission appropriate students based on a deep understanding of our Partner Schools. With proven expertise, we support our Partner Schools as they also navigate their way through this multicultural landscape.


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